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Becky and Mike Roop have lived in Centerville, Ohio since 1996. They have 6 children – Andrew, Tim, Grace, Sam, Katie and Jack. As parents to 6 children, Becky and Mike understand what it's like to want excellence for their children. This desire to help students excel is why Mike offers test prep and tutoring services that are both convenient for families and reasonably priced.


Mike graduated from Beloit College in Beloit, WI with a Bachelors of Science in Math & Sociology and then went on to complete a Masters Degree in Secondary Education from Wright State University.

Several years ago, Mike taught students math at Centerville High School. While at Centerville, Mike helped select the initial AP Statistics Curriculum and was the first teacher to teach the course at CHS. Throughout his tenure at CHS, Mike taught 4 different levels of math: Career & Consumer Math, Algebra I, Advanced Algebra & Trig and AP Statistics. During and since teaching at the high school, Mike tutored students who needed assistance in math courses ranging from middle school math to Calculus. For as long as he can remember, Mike has been passionate about helping students thrive inside and outside of the math classroom. This internal drive to help students excel led Mike to begin offering Roop Student Prep services in 2012.


Now Mike teaches at The CinDay Academy School in Springboro, Ohio. The CinDay Academy is an exceptional, independent school for pre-kindergarten thru high school students.


Mike developed ACT & SAT Test Prep curriculum and strategies in order to help students excel on the ACT & SAT tests. With Speed, Accuracy, and Confidence™ being the ranked priorities of Roop Student Prep, Mike developed a set of test-taking strategies that builds a student's confidence while showing her/him how to complete the test on time and as accurately as possible.


As an experienced communicator who is as comfortable speaking to thousands as he is one to one, Mike engages students while demonstrating new strategies needed to succeed on these important tests. Over the course of several years, Mike developed an extremely concentrated, highly effective test prep course entitled, Super Test Prep™. This flagship course has helped students achieve significant score increases from just 10 hours of test prep.   

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