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Specific Questions

  1. What services does Roop Student Prep (RSP) offer?

  2. What are the objectives of RSP?

  3. When and where does RSP meet with students?

  4. What is the tuition for each of the RSP services?

  5. How do I enroll in a class?

  6. Will there be other students in the room with me?

  7. Is there a family discount?

  8. Can I pay with a credit card?

  9. Can I pay with a check?


Test Prep Services

  1. What is Super Test Prep?

  2. What is Boot Camp?

  3. What is Test Prep Coaching?


Tutoring Services

  1. For what levels of ELA & math does RSP provide tutoring?

  2. Does RSP offer Speed Reading with Comprehension?

  3. What is Speed Reading with Comprehension?


General Questions

  1. What does Roop Student Prep believe about Customer Service?


Specific Questions

1. Q: What services does Roop Student Prep (RSP) offer?

A: RSP offers students ACT & SAT test prep, tutoring for ELA & math, Speed Reading with Comprehension and academic guidance. Test prep options consist of either Test Prep Coaching for the ACT & SAT Tests, ACT & SAT Super Test Prep and ACT & SAT Boot Camp. Tutoring consists of ELA & math support for several ELA courses and several math courses ranging from elementary math to AP Statistics & AP Calculus. For academic guidance, sessions are developed for the student and with the student's input.


2. Q: What are the objectives of RSP?

A: Roop Student Prep partners with families in order to help students accomplish their goals and pursue their dreams.

Helping students excel is THE #1 objective of Roop Student Prep. RSP continually improves its resources and techniques in order to make tests in ELA, reading and math easier to understand, to make school easier for students and to raise students' test scores.


3. Q: When and where does RSP meet with students?

A: Roop Student Prep meets with students on Mondays thru Thursdays and on Saturdays & Sundays at The CinDay Academy School (For GPS, use 11 Sycamore Creek Dr., Springboro, 45066). You can see the complete schedule by clicking HERE.


4. Q: What is the tuition for each of the RSP services?

A: There are several tuition rates for test prep and tutoring. You can access the various rates and packages HERE.


5. Q: How do I enroll in a class?​

A: You can contact Mike via email: and via phone/text: 937-219-5721 to learn more about enrolling in a class or scheduling a tutoring session OR you can register for classes and/or courses HERE.


6. Q: Will there be other students in the room with me?

A: All sessions are kept at an appropriate ratio for maximum learning. For Super Test Prep courses, the sessions are capped

at 15 students. For all other test prep classes, the ratio is maintained at between 1 and 4 students. For tutoring, the sessions are typically one to three or less. 


7. Q: Is there a family discount?

A: Yes. The second student in the same family working with Roop Student Prep simultanously receives a 33% discount. The third and all subsequent students receive a 50% discount.


8. Q: Can I pay with a credit card?

A: Yes. You can use your Paypal account to pay with credit card. When you enroll in any of the academic guide, test prep, speed reading or tutoring sessions, you can pay with credit card HERE.


9. Q: Can I pay with a checK?

A: Yes. Please make checks payable to Roop Student Prep.


Test Prep Services

1. Q: What is Super Test Prep?

A: Super Test Prep is a super concentrated test prep program. By design, it offers you the opportunity to prepare for the ACT or SAT in 4, two and a half hour sessions (over a span of two weeks). During STP, students learn, practice and apply new test-taking tactics in a test-like simulation.


2. Q: What is Boot Camp?

A: Boot Camp is an even more concentrated test prep program than Super Test Prep. In 4 hours on the Saturday before the test, students are taught and provided some practice of the test-taking tactics for either the ACT or SAT. 


3. Q: What is Test Prep Coaching?

A: During ongoing test prep (Test Prep Coaching), we work together to ensure each student has several opportunities to learn every aspect of the ACT &/or SAT test. Progress is measured through ongoing assessments and enrichment activities are assigned.


Tutoring Services

1. Q: For what levels of ELA & math does RSP provide tutoring?

A: Roop Student Prep (RSP) offers you ELA & math tutoring with personality. For math, RSP offers tutoring in: 5th - 7th Grade Math, Pre Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry & Trigonometry, College Math & Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, AP Calculus and AP Statistics. For ELA, tutoring is offered from 6th grade thru 12th grade ELA courses.


2. Q: Does RSP offer Speed Reading with Comprehension?

A: Yes - in a 4 session pack or a 7 session pack.


3. Q: What is Speed Reading with Comprehension?

A: Roop Student Prep offers a Speed Reading with Comprehension program for students. This program offers demonstration of new speed reading techniques as well as training sessions designed to double or triple a student's words per minute. Comprehension exercises are provided during and after sessions to practice understanding of text in the context of the passage.


General Questions

1. Q: What does Roop Student Prep believe about Customer Service?

A: As a customer of Roop Student Prep Services, I believe you deserve excellent customer service.  These days, service providers that offer their customers exemplary customer service are harder to find it seems. I believe you deserve better!


That said, we will adhere to the following professional standards as we work with you and your student ("our clients"):

  • We will treat our clients with respect and compassion at all times.

  • We will always strive for maximum impact with our clients.

  • When appropriate, we will design personalized plans for our clients' success in speed reading, test prep and tutoring.

  • We will listen to our clients and strive to meet and exceed their stated "success" goals. 

  • We will develop relationships with our clients that are both professional and personal.

  • We will have fun!!

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