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Roop Student Prep offers helpful math tutoring & exam prep in any of

the following Math content areas: 

5th-7th Grade Math, 

Pre Algebra,

Algebra I & II, 

Geometry & Trigonometry, 

College Math & College Algebra, 

Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, AP Calculus & AP Statistics


For the student who wants to

focus on ELA content,

Roop Student Prep demonstrates

how to read effectively as well as write persuasively. In sessions, training in writing and content development is provided for 

all ELA-specific areas. The objective of this training is application of increased knowledge!!


Roop Student Prep offers a Speed Reading with Comprehension program for students. This program offers demonstration of new speed reading techniques as well as training sessions designed to double or triple a student's words per minute. Comprehension exercises are provided during and after sessions to practice understanding of text in the context of the passage.

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